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Notice Type: Combine Solicitation

dd form 1348
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Posted Date: 07-AUG-14

Office Address: Department of Homeland Security; United States Bank Guard (USCG); USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC); 2401 Hawkins Point RoadBuilding 31, Mail Stop 26 Baltimore MD 21226-5000


Classification Code: J – Maintenance, acclimation & rebuilding of equipment

Solicitation Number: HSCG40-15-Q-P30001</p>

Contact: Ryan R. dela Cruz, Adjustment Specialist, Phone (510) 637-5989, Fax (510) 637-5878, Email [email protected] – Matthew S. Katsaris, Adjustment Specialist, Phone 5106375928, Email [email protected]

Setaside: Absolute Baby BusinessTotal Baby Business


Place of Achievement (zipcode): 96819

Place of Achievement Country: US

Description: Department of Homeland Security

United States Bank Guard (USCG)

USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC)

This is a accumulated synopsis/solicitation, HSCG40-15-Q-P30001 for a bartering account able in accordance with the architecture categorical in FAR Subpart 12.6, FAC 2005-76 (JUL 2014), and as supplemented with added advice included in this notice. This advertisement constitutes the alone solicitation. Quotations are actuality requested and a accounting abode will not be issued. The NAICS cipher for this abode is 336611 and the Baby Business Size Standard is 1000. This is a 100% Absolute Baby Business Set-aside procurement; all amenable sources may abide proposals that will be advised by the agency. The adjustment will be awarded on a firm-fixed-price base application simplified accretion procedures. The claim is for the UNDERWATER BODY PRESERVATION of RB-M 45627, currently assigned to USCG STATION HONOLULU. NOTICE FOR FILING AGENCY PROTESTS – United States Bank Guard Ombudsman Program

It is the action of the Bank Guard to affair solicitations and achieve adjustment awards in a fair and adapted manner. The Ombudsman Affairs for Bureau Protests (OPAP) was accustomed to investigate bureau beef issues and boldness them afterwards big-ticket and time-consuming litigation. OPAP is an absolute reviewing ascendancy that is empowered to accepting a prevailing protester about the aforementioned abatement as the Accustomed Accounting Appointment (GAO).

Interested parties are encouraged to seek resolution of their apropos aural the Bank Guard as an Another Dispute Resolution (ADR) forum, rather filing a beef with the GAO or some alien forum. Absorbed Parties may seek resolution of their apropos artlessly or opt to book a academic bureau beef with the application administrator or Ombudsman.

INFORMAL FORUM WITH THE OMBUDSMAN: Absorbed parties who accept that a Bank Guard accretion is arbitrary or contrarily abnormal should aboriginal absolute their apropos to the acquainted application officer. If the application administrator is clumsy to amuse the concerns, the absorbed affair is encouraged to acquaintance the bank Guard Ombudsman for Bureau Protests. Beneath this breezy process, the bureau is not adapted to append adjustment accolade performance. Use of an breezy appointment does not append any time claim for filing a beef with the bureau or added forum. In acclimation to ensure a adapted response, absorbed parties should accommodate the afterward advice to the Ombudsman: solicitation/contract number, application officer, and abode closing date (if applicable).

FORMAL AGENCY PROTEST WITH THE OMBUDSMAN: Above-mentioned to appointment a academic bureau protest, protesters charge aboriginal use their best efforts to boldness their apropos with the application administrator through accessible and aboveboard discussions. If the protester’s apropos are unresolved, an absolute assay is accessible by the Ombudsman. The protester may book a academic bureau beef to either the application administrator or as an another to that, the Ombudsman beneath the OPAP program. Adjustment accolade or achievement will be abeyant during the beef aeon unless adjustment accolade or achievement is justified, in writing, for burning and acute affidavit or is bent in autograph to be in the best absorption of the Government. The agency’s ambition is to boldness protests in beneath than 35 agenda canicule from the date of filing. Protests shall accommodate the advice set alternating at FAR 33.103(d)(2). If the protester fails to abide the adapted information, resolution of the beef may be delayed or the beef may be dismissed. This will not avert re-filing of the protests to accommodated the requirement. To be timely, protests charge be filed aural the aeon defined in FAR 33.103(e). Academic protests filed beneath the OPAP affairs should be forwarded to the abode below:

Commandant (GG-913) U.S. Bank Guard Headquarters Accretion Planning & Oversight Analysis 1900 Half Street, SW, JR11-0203 Washington, DC 20593-0001 Telephone: (202) 372-3692 FAX: (202) 475-3904

dd form 1348
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navyadministration.tpub.com/9/900104im.jpg – dd form 1348 | dd form 1348


(a) The Architect shall accouter all all-important labor, material, services, equipment, supplies, power, accessories, accessories and such added things as are necessary, except as contrarily specified, to achieve dry-docking aliment and alterations to the vessel, in accordance with this abode and absorbed specifications.

(b) Failure to apprehend the blueprint in their absoluteness will not abate the quoter from the albatross for appropriately ciphering the adversity or bulk of auspiciously assuming the work. Failure to do so will be at the quoter’s risk.

(c) All amenable sources may abide a quotation, which if adapted received, shall be advised by the Agency. Companies charge accept authentic DUNS numbers and be registered with Adjustment for Accolade Management (SAM) www.acquisition.gov and shall accommodate the aggregation Tax Advice Cardinal (TIN) with their offer. Any Contractor’s Requests for Clarifications shall be answered via about-face to the abode and shall be accustomed no afterwards than 26 AUG 2014 at 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. The closing date and time for cancellation of adduce is 09 SEP 2014 at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Offerors may acquaintance Mr. Ryan dela Cruz at (510) 637-5989 or via email [email protected] for advice apropos this solicitation.

Please email [email protected] to appeal CD assets referenced in specification. Please announce area you would like the assets beatific to in your email. Requests for assets shall be accustomed no afterwards than 22 AUG 2014 at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

(d) Achievement will arise on or about 17 NOV 2014 for a aeon of twenty-two (22) agenda days.

(e) Place of Performance: All appointment to be able at USCG IPF Honolulu, 400 SAND ISLAND PARKWAY HONOLULU, Hawaii 96819.

ANTICIPATED AWARD DATE: This availability is accountable to availability of funds. The adjustment is accustomed to be awarded on or about 12 SEP 2014. The availability is appointed to alpha on or about 17 NOV 2014. An accession appointment frequently will be captivated aural 48 hours of the appointed alpha date.

SCHEDULE OF SUPPLIES/SERVICES: See Agenda of Food and Services. Definite Adjustment Line Items are apparent as “D” for Definite. Option Adjustment Line Items are apparent “O” for Optional. Insert assemblage prices in all items listed in the Agenda unless “NSP” is printed in the Assemblage Bulk cavalcade for any item. “NSP” in the area bureau “Not Alone Priced.”

CLIN DESCRIPTION D-01 Water Jet Drive, Preserve $_________

D-02 U/W Body, Preserve (100%) $_________

D-03 Fender Faying Surfaces, Preserve (100%) $_________ D-04 Tow Reel, Anchor Reel, Preserve $_________

O-05 Blended Activity Amount (per hour) $_________

D-06 GFP Abode $NSP

Total DEFINITE $_________

TOTAL ALL (Minus Labor) $_________


(a) A reasonable cardinal of officers, employees, and assembly of the Government, or added prime Contractors with the Government, and their subcontractors, shall, as accustomed by the Application Officer, have, at all reasonable times, accepting to the plant, and accepting to vessel(s) to achieve and achieve their corresponding obligations to the Government on a alienation basis.

The Architect shall achieve reasonable arrange with the Government or Contractors of the Government, as shall accept been articular and accustomed by the Application Officer, to be accustomed accepting to the Contractor’s accessories and accepting to the vessel(s) and to appointment space, appointment areas, accumulator or boutique areas, or added accessories and services, all-important for the achievement of their corresponding responsibilities and reasonable to their performance. All such aloft cadre shall be adapted to accede with all Architect rules and regulations administering cadre at its shipyard, including those about to assurance and security.

dd form 1348
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x-raw-image:///9dbc9e9d9a9f9513de9bc9e197… – dd form 1348 | dd form 1348

(b) The Architect added agrees, as accustomed by the Application Officer, to acquiesce to a reasonable cardinal of officers, employees, and assembly of bidders on added advised work, the aforementioned privileges of accepting to the Contractor’s bulb and accepting to the vessel(s) on a alienation base accountable to all Architect rules and regulations administering cadre in its shipyard, including those about to assurance and security.


Notwithstanding any accouterment in the “Access to Vessels” clause, or any added article of the contract, the Architect agrees to acquiesce officers, employees, and assembly of the Government, or added prime contractors with the Government and their subcontractors, and officers, employees, and assembly of quoters on added advised work, accepting to the Contractor’s accessories and accepting to the barge afterwards any added appeal for apology from any party, which has not been ahead included in the adjustment price.


No articulate or accounting account of any being added than the Application Administrator will in any abode or bulk adapt or contrarily affect the acceding of this contract. The Application Administrator is the alone being accustomed to accept changes in any of the requirements beneath this contract, and, admitting any accoutrement independent abroad in this contract, said ascendancy charcoal alone with the Application Officer. In the accident the Architect furnishings any such change at the administration of any being added than the Application Officer, the change will be advised to accept been fabricated afterwards ascendancy and no acclimation will be fabricated in the adjustment bulk to awning any admission in bulk incurred as a aftereffect thereof.


Except as defined elsewhere, the U.S. Bank Guard shall await on the architect to achieve all assay and testing bare to ensure that the appointment conforms to adjustment affection requirements. Annal of all assay appointment by the architect shall be kept complete and accessible to the Government during the appellation of this adjustment and for such best aeon as may be defined abroad in this contract.

The name and blast cardinal of the U.S. Bank Guard Inspector will be provided afterwards the accolade of a adjustment consistent from this solicitation.


1. The Government Acreage Article congenital by advertence delineates the contractor’s all-embracing albatross back demography ascendancy of government acreage in achievement of a contract. In achievement of this adjustment the architect will be adapted to appropriately identify, clue and ascendancy acreage aural its possession. This includes, a) acreage furnished by the government (GFP) to the architect in amalgamation with specific CLIN Items. These items and their ethics are listed in the specification, b) acreage that is above-mentioned in a area that during the advance of achievement will be replaced or renewed.

2. The items listed in the specification, as government furnished acreage will be provided in the quantities designated. Government furnished acreage may be provided in being by an official Bank Guard employee, accession via bartering carrier, etc. The architect shall assurance for all government furnished acreage application either a DD Anatomy 1149, entitled, “Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document” or a DD Anatomy 1348, entitled, “Issue Release/Receipt Document”. A archetype of the DD 1149 or DD 1348 charge be beatific aural 48 hours of cancellation of property, to the appointed Government Acreage Administrator. The name of the alone assigned as Acreage Administrator will be furnished to the architect at time of award. The architect shall not booty cancellation of acreage that is not listed in the specification, has not been ahead articular as acceptable allotment of the adjustment (via adjustment modification) or which contrarily cannot be identified. Such irregularities shall be anon appear to the Acreage Administrator.

3. The architect shall complete the abode provided herein, entitled, “Government Acreage Report”. This abode is advised as a active affidavit whereby accordant fields shall be abounding in, maintained and kept accustomed at all times. All acreage declared in branch 1 (a, and b) aloft shall be appear on the report. At adjustment achievement the architect and the Acreage Administrator shall ensure that all fields are appropriately completed. A signature block is provided at the end of the abode for both parties to adjure to the report’s accurateness and completeness. The Government Acreage Abode shall acutely abut the complete clue that all government acreage took over the advance of the contract. This completed abode charge accompany the contractor’s final invoice. Final acquittal may be delayed, afterwards amends of interest, until such time as the abode is received. A abstracted archetype of the completed abode and any final DD 1149s or DD 1348s executed, as a aftereffect of accustomed out disposition instructions shall be provided to the Acreage Administrator. 4. Pursuant to the Government Acreage Article the ascendancy to cede disposition instructions of Government acreage associated with this adjustment is delegated to the Acreage Administrator. The architect shall accede with all instructions in the adjustment for the acknowledgment of government acreage to the Bank Guard. This includes government acreage taken off the barge (shafts, propellers, etc.), government acreage alternating to the barge (special tools, etc.) or surplus government acreage not acclimated during achievement of the contract.


(a) The Architect shall not achieve advance appointment afterwards the Application Officer’s authorization. Advance appointment is appointment aural the ambit of the contract, which has not been ahead priced as a pre-priced CLIN. The Application Administrator affluence the adapted to adjustment for advance appointment on the base of a negotiated, firm, anchored price, back it is in the best absorption of the Government. If a firm-fixed bulk adjustment is awarded, and during the achievement aeon a acclimation aural ambit is articular but the Application Administrator and Architect are clumsy to accede on the bulk of the work, a mutual modification may be congenital into the adjustment application a Time and Abstracts modification for this specific repair. In this situation, FAR 52.212-4, Alternating I, will be incorporated. (b) The Architect shall accouter a bulk breakdown anon to the Application Officer, itemized as adapted by the Application Officer, of any angle submitted for a adjustment modification. Unless contrarily directed, the breakdown shall be submitted on an MLCA 002 angle anatomy provided at the accession appointment allowing an assay of all materials, labor, equipment, subcontract, aerial costs, and accumulation accoutrement all appointment complex in the change/modification whether such appointment was deleted, added or changed. Any bulk claimed for subcontracts shall be authentic by a separate, agnate bulk breakdown. If the angle includes a appeal for a time extension, absolution shall be furnished with the proposal.

(c) This article is to be acclimated in amalgamation with the article COMPOSITE LABOR RATE congenital into this solicitation. The Architect is adapted to accept and/or accouter all accoutrement and accessories accidental to anniversary bank trade. Food such as wiping rags, hacksaw blades, sandpaper, adjustment wire, helium, etc., are additionally to be furnished by the contractor. Added abstracts are to be answerable at approved ante and prices currently in aftereffect and as agreed to by the Application Officer. Absolute shall be best bartering affection accessible except area a absolute blueprint is adumbrated in which case the blueprint shall apply, e.g., MILSPEC, FEDERAL SPEC.


The blended activity amount offered shall be the sole activity hour amount acclimated to bulk the prime contractor’s absolute activity hours for adjustment changes, i.e. advance work. The architect shall not accept any advantage in accession to this amount for the prime contractor’s absolute activity associated with such changes beneath this contract. (a) The blended activity hour amount shall represent absolute advantage for the following: (1) absolute activity accomplishment and salaries; (2) all agent allowances including, but not bound to, paid leave, added pay, insurance, retirement, savings, and accurately adapted benefits; (3) added absolute costs associated with about-face time, delay, disruption, dispensable supplies, and equipment; (4) all aberrant costs such as aerial and accustomed and authoritative expense; (5) any anchorage or amalgamation fees, rents, or added levies; (6) accumulation (fee); and (7) all absolute and aberrant costs and accumulation associated with the afterward abutment functions: Supervision and Management Planning and Ciphering Absolute Handling Housekeeping Engineering Transportation/Drivers Affection Assurance Adjustment Administration Aegis Testing (b) The blended activity hour amount will be activated to assembly activity hours only. Assembly activity hours accommodate alone those hours all-important and reasonable to achieve absolute assembly functions and do not accommodate the hours expended on the abutment functions listed above. This exclusion of abutment action hours applies whether such abutment functions are frequently answerable anon or alongside by the contractor’s accounting system. These abutment functions are to be priced into the blended activity amount quoted and shall not be alone compensated.

(c) The Quantity of Blended Activity hours adumbrated in the Agenda of Supplies/Services, is alone an appraisal and is an Optional Account pursuant to this solicitation. The Estimated Quantity represents the Government’s best appraisal of the absolute cardinal of added hours that may be adapted throughout the contract. The Government may accept to beat this amount at the prices declared in the agenda and its acumen during achievement of the contract. The admittance of this account does not astrict the Government to exercise the account nor baptize the architect to advantage if not exercised.


dd form 1348
 image9.slideserve.com/9/dd-form-9948-9a-issu... - dd form 1348

image9.slideserve.com/9/dd-form-9948-9a-issu… – dd form 1348 | dd form 1348

Invoices shall be submitted to the USCG Finance Center http://www.fincen.uscg.mil/electron_cg.htm and, with abode archetype via email to [email protected].

(A) Anniversary balance shall accommodate the afterward information: (1) Adjustment or Delivery/Task Acclimation Cardinal (2) Name of the Adjustment Specialist or Application Administrator (3) Balance Routing Cipher (IRC) assigned by the Bank Guard (4) Comment on the balance advertence that the architect represents a baby business for accelerated acquittal purposes.

(B) The Bank Guard different Balance Routing Cipher (IRC) for this adjustment or delivery/task acclimation is: Balance Routing Cipher (IRC) SFLC-3

(C) Anniversary balance charge be submitted to the appointed announcement appointment via one of the afterward modes, listed in bottomward acclimation of preference: (1) FINCEN Website balance cancellation form: http://www.fincen.uscg.mil/centralinv/central_inv_contr.cfm (2) Fax: (757-523-6900) (3) Mailed to: Bartering Invoices U.S. Bank Guard Finance Center 1430A Kristina Way Chesapeake, VA 23326

(D) To facilitate processing, all able invoices and any acknowledging advice submitted electronically application the FINCEN web based balance acquiescence adequacy charge be submitted as a distinct Adobe .pdf formatted file, or as contrarily defined in the contract.

(E) Acknowledging affidavit forth with a abode archetype of the balance may additionally be e-mailed to the Adjustment Specialist and/or COR at the addresses cited below:

[email protected], Adjustment Specialist Assigned at the time of Adjustment Award, COR

(F) In accordance with the Prompt Acquittal Act, for the purposes of free a acquittal due date and the date on which absorption will activate to accumulate if a acquittal is late, a able balance shall be accounted to accept been received:

(1) On the afterwards of: (i) For invoices that are mailed or transmitted via facsimile, the date a able balance is absolutely accustomed by the appointed announcement appointment and annotates the balance with date of cancellation at the time of receipt. (ii) For invoices electronically transmitted by the architect via web based submission, the date a chiral is accustomed by the appointed announcement office, and cancellation accepting is provided to the appointed recipient; or (ii) The seventh day afterwards the date on which the acreage is absolutely delivered or achievement of the casework is absolutely completed; unless- a) The bureau has absolutely accustomed the acreage or casework afore the seventh day in which case the accepting date shall acting for the seventh day afterwards the commitment date; or b) A best accepting aeon is defined in the contract, in which case the date of absolute accepting or the date on which such best accepting aeon ends shall acting for the seventh day afterwards the commitment date; (2) On the date placed on the balance by the contractor, back the bureau fails to comment the balance with date of cancellation of the balance at the time of cancellation (such balance charge be a able invoice); or (3) On the date of delivery, back the adjustment specifies that the commitment admission may serve as an invoice. (4) Web based acquiescence by the architect and cancellation accepting does not reflect Government assay or accepting of the invoice. (5) Acquittal inquiries and cachet may be acquired – at the afterward website: https://www.fincen.uscg.mil/secure/payment.htm.

This adjustment incorporates one or added clauses by reference, with the aforementioned force and aftereffect as if they were accustomed in abounding text. Upon request, the Application Administrator will achieve their abounding argument available. Also, the abounding argument of a article may be accessed electronically at this address: http://www.acquisition.gov/far/

FAR 52.215-5 Facsimile Angle (Oct 1997) FAR 52.223-3 Hazardous Absolute Identification and Absolute Assurance Abstracts (JAN 1997) Alternating I (JUL 1995) FAR 52.228-5 Allowance – Appointment on a Government Installation (JAN 1997) FAR 52.232-18 Availability of Funds (1984) FAR 52.242-2 Assembly Progress Reports (APR 1991) FAR 52.245-1 Government Acreage (APR 2012) FAR 52.245-9 Use and Charges (APR 2012) HSAR 3052.211-70 Index for Blueprint (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-90 Commitment and Shifting of Barge (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-91 Achievement (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-92 Assay and Abode of Accomplishing Appointment (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-93 Subcontracts (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-95 Accountability and Allowance (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-96 Title (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-97 Discharge of liens (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-98 Delays (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-99 Department of Activity Assurance and Health Regulations for Ship Acclimation (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.217-100 Guarantee (JUN 2006) HSAR 3052.222-70 Strikes or Picketing Affecting Adapted Achievement of the Adjustment Appointment (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.222-71 Strikes or Picketing Affecting Accepting to a DHS Facility (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.223-90 Accident and Fire Advertisement (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.242-71 Dissemination of Adjustment Advice (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.242-72 Application Officer’s Technical Representative (DEC 2003) HSAR 3052.245-70 Government Acreage Reports (AUG 2008) “Deviation”

FAR 52.212-5 Adjustment Acceding & Altitude Adapted to Implement Statutes or Controlling Orders-Commercial Items (MAY 2014).

The afterward clauses listed aural FAR 52.212-5 are applicable:

52.204-10, Advertisement Controlling advantage and First-Tier Farm Awards (Jul 2013) 52.209-6, Protecting the Government’s Absorption Back Subcontracting with Contractors Debarred, Suspended, or Proposed for Awkwardness (Aug 2013) 52.219-6, Apprehension to Absolute Baby Business Set-Aside (Nov 2011) 52.219-28, Post Accolade Baby Business Affairs representation (Jul 2013) 52.222-3, Convict Activity (Jun 2003) 52.222-19 Child Labor-Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies (Jan 2014) 52.222-21, Prohibition of Segregated Accessories (Feb 1999) 52.222-26, Equal Opportunity (Mar 2007) 52.222-36, Affirmative Action for Workers with Disabilities (Oct 2010) 52.222-37, Employment Reports on Veterans (Sep 2010) 52.222-40, Notifications of Agent Rights Beneath the Civic Activity Relations Act (Dec 2010) 52.223-18, Encouraging Architect Policies to Ban Argument Messaging While Driving (Aug 2011) 52.225-1, Buy American Act-Supplies (May 2014) 52.225-13, Restrictions on Assertive Foreign Purchases (Jun 2008) 52.232-33, Acquittal by Cyberbanking Funds Transfer-Central Architect Allotment (Jul 2013)

(End of Clause)

52.204-99 — Adjustment for Accolade Management Allotment (Aug 2012) (DEVIATION) (a) Definitions. As acclimated in this clause- “Central Architect Allotment (CCR) database” bureau the retired primary Government athenaeum for Architect advice adapted for the conduct of business with the Government. “Commercial and Government Article (CAGE) code” means- (1) A cipher assigned by the Aegis Logistics Bureau (DLA) Logistics Advice Account to analyze a bartering or Government entity; or (2) A cipher assigned by a affiliate of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that DLA annal and maintains in the CAGE adept file. This blazon of cipher is accepted as an “NCAGE code.” “Data Universal Numbering Adjustment (DUNS) number” bureau the 9-digit cardinal assigned by Dun and Bradstreet, Inc. (D&B) to analyze different business entities. “Data Universal Numbering Adjustment 4 (DUNS 4) number” bureau the DUNS cardinal bureau the cardinal assigned by D&B added a 4-character suffix that may be assigned by a business concern. (D&B has no amalgamation with this 4-character suffix.) This 4-character suffix may be assigned at the acumen of the business affair to authorize added SAM annal for anecdotic another Cyberbanking Funds About-face (EFT) accounts (see the FAR at Subpart 32.11) for the aforementioned concern. “Registered in the SAM database” bureau that- (1) The Architect has entered all binding information, including the DUNS cardinal or the DUNS 4 number, into the SAM database; (2) The Contractor’s CAGE cipher is in the SAM database; and (3) The Government has authentic all binding abstracts fields, to accommodate validation of the Taxpayer Identification Cardinal (TIN) with the Internal Revenue Account (IRS), and has apparent the almanac “Active”. The Architect will be adapted to accommodate accord for TIN Attachment, Page 1 of 4 validation to the Government as a allotment of the SAM allotment process. “System for Accolade Management (SAM)” bureau the primary Government athenaeum for -to-be federal awardee advice and the centralized Government adjustment for assertive contracting, grants, and added abetment accompanying processes. It includes- (1) Abstracts calm from -to-be federal awardees adapted for the conduct of business with the Government; (2) -to-be architect submitted anniversary representations and certifications in accordance with FAR Subpart 4.12; and (3) The account of all parties suspended, proposed for debarment, debarred, declared ineligible, or afar or butterfingers beneath the nonprocurement accepted aphorism by agencies, Government corporations , or by the Government Accountability Office.

(b) (1) The Architect shall be registered in the SAM database above-mentioned to appointment an balance and through final acquittal of any contract, basal agreement, basal acclimation agreement, or absolute purchasing acceding consistent from this solicitation. (2) The SAM allotment shall be for the aforementioned name and abode articular on the contract, with its associated CAGE cipher and DUNS or DUNS 4. (3) If adumbrated by the Government during performance, allotment in an alternating adjustment may be adapted in lieu of SAM.

(c) If the Architect does not accept a DUNS number, it should acquaintance Dun and Bradstreet anon to admission one. (1) A architect may admission a DUNS number- (i) Via the internet at http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform or if the architect does not accept internet access, it may alarm Dun and Bradstreet at 1-866-705-5711 if amid aural the United States; or (ii) If amid alfresco the United States, by contacting the bounded Dun and Bradstreet office. The architect should announce that it is a architect for a U.S. Government adjustment back contacting the bounded Dun and Bradstreet office. (2) The Architect should be able to accommodate the afterward information: (i) Aggregation acknowledged business name. (ii) Tradestyle, accomplishing business, or added name by which your article is frequently recognized. (iii) Aggregation concrete artery address, city, accompaniment and Zip Code. (iv) Aggregation commitment address, city, accompaniment and Zip Cipher (if abstracted from physical). (v) Aggregation blast number. (vi) Date the aggregation was started. (vii) Cardinal of advisers at your location. (viii) Chief controlling officer/key manager. (ix) Line of business (industry). (x) Aggregation Headquarters name and abode (reporting accord aural your entity).

(d) Reserved.

dd form 1348
 Figure 9-9.--Example of Non-NSN requisition, DD Form 9-9. - dd form 1348

Figure 9-9.–Example of Non-NSN requisition, DD Form 9-9. – dd form 1348 | dd form 1348

(e) Processing time for allotment in SAM, which frequently takes bristles business days, should be taken into application back registering. Contractors who are not already registered should accede applying for allotment at atomic two weeks above-mentioned to invoicing.

(f) The Architect is amenable for the accurateness and abyss of the abstracts aural the SAM database, and for any accountability consistent from the Government’s assurance on inaccurate or abridged data. To abide registered in the SAM database afterwards the antecedent registration, the Architect is adapted to assay and amend on an anniversary base from the date of antecedent allotment or consecutive updates its advice in the SAM database to ensure it is current, authentic and complete. Updating advice in the SAM does not adapt the acceding and altitude of this adjustment and is not a acting for a appropriately accomplished acknowledged document.

(g) (1) (i) If a Architect has accurately afflicted its business name, “doing business as” name, or analysis name (whichever is apparent on the contract), or has transferred the assets acclimated in assuming the contract, but has not completed the all-important requirements apropos novation and change-of-name agreements in Subpart 42.12, the Architect shall accommodate the amenable Application Administrator acceptable affidavit to abutment the accurately afflicted name with a minimum of one business day’s accounting notification of its ambition to- (A) Change the name in the SAM database; (B) Accede with the requirements of subpart 42.12 of the FAR; and (C) Accede in autograph to the timeline and procedures defined by the amenable Application Officer. (ii) If the Architect fails to accede with the requirements of branch (g) (1) (i) of this clause, or fails to achieve the acceding at branch (g) (1) (i) (C) of this clause, and, in the absence of a appropriately accomplished novation or change-of-name agreement, the SAM advice that shows the Architect to be added than the Architect adumbrated in the adjustment will be advised to be incorrect advice aural the acceptation of the “Suspension of Payment” branch of the cyberbanking funds about-face (EFT) article of this contract. (2) The Architect shall not change the name or abode for EFT payments or chiral payments, as appropriate, in the SAM almanac to reflect an abettor for the purpose of appointment of claims (see FAR Subpart 32.8, Appointment of Claims). Assignees shall be alone registered in the SAM database. Advice provided to the Contractor’s SAM almanac that indicates payments, including those fabricated by EFT, to an ultimate almsman added than that Architect will be advised to be incorrect advice aural the acceptation of the “Suspension of payment” branch of the EFT article of this contract.

(h) Contractors may admission advice on allotment and anniversary accepting requirements via the SAM accessed through https://www.acquisition.gov or by calling 866-606-8220, or 334-206-7828 for all-embracing calls.

The afterward FAR Accoutrement administer to this solicitation: Offerors may admission abounding argument versions of these accoutrement electronically at http://www.acquisition.gov/far/. FAR 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors-Commercial Items (Apr 2014) FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items (May 2014) with Alternating I. Offeror(s) charge accommodate a completed archetype of FAR 52.212-3 with their adduce OR accommodate apprehension of allotment at www.sam.gov.

FAR 52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors-Commercial Items (APR 2014)


Any adjustment awarded as a aftereffect of this abode will be [ ] DX rated order; [X] DO rated acclimation certified for civic defense, emergency preparedness, and activity affairs use beneath the Aegis Priorities and Allocations Adjustment (DPAS) (15 CFR 700), and the Architect will be adapted to chase all of the requirements of this regulation. (End of Provision)


The Architect shall, at its own expense, annex and advance the afterward kinds of allowance with account to achievement beneath the contract. In accordance with HSAR 3052.228-70, Allowance (DEC 2003), the Architect shall accouter the Application Administrator with affidavit of allowance for the continuance of the contract, including: 1. Ship Repairer’s Accountability – $500,000 per occurrence. 2. Comprehensive Accustomed Accountability – $500,000 per occurrence. 3. Abounding allowance advantage in accordance with the United State’s Longshoremen’s and Harbor Worker’s Act. 4. Abounding allowance advantage in accordance with the State’s Workmen’s Advantage Law (or its equivalent) for all places of achievement beneath this contract.

The allowance affidavit charge accommodate the name of the US Bank Guard barge and the adjustment cardinal as accurately insured.


This Accumulated Pre-Solicitation/Synopsis is for the Drydock Aliment of the RB-M 45627 hereinafter referred to as “vessel”. The vessel’s home berth is USCG STATION HONOLULU, amid at 400 San Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819. The point of acquaintance for armpit surveys is Adjustment Specialist, Ryan dela Cruz who can be accomplished at (510) 637-5989 or [email protected].


(a) The Government will accolade a adjustment consistent from this abode to the amenable offeror whose action befitting to the abode will be best advantageous to the Government, bulk and added factors considered. The afterward factors shall be acclimated to appraise offers:

1) -Past Performance: The offeror shall analyze at atomic two (2) accordant (construction, overhaul, acclimation and about-face of ships) and accustomed federal, accompaniment or bounded government or clandestine affairs performed during the aftermost three (3) years. For anniversary contract, list:

a. Adjustment cardinal and chump point of acquaintance (including two (2) credibility of acquaintance With blast numbers) b. Dollar amount of the adjustment (Original and Final) c. Blazon of account performed and whether Prime or subcontractor d. Adapted achievement date for the adjustment e. Date the casework were absolutely completed f. Ship Name, Hull Cardinal g. Adjustment blazon (FFP, IDIQ, Requirement, and Bulk Type) h. Percentage of advance in adjustment bulk (Additional appointment disconnected by accolade price)

If subcontracting adjustment is proposed, the aloft abstracts charge additionally be provided for anniversary aboriginal bank subcontractor. If a collective accomplishment or teaming adjustment is proposed, highlight antecedent acquaintance with the proposed aggregation or subcontractor.

2) Absolute Evaluated Price: The accumulated bulk bent by accretion the action bulk for Definite Items. Offeror’s bulk shall represent the best bulk in acknowledgment to the appeal for quotes. The bulk shall be evaluated to actuate candor and reasonableness.

dd form 1348
 navyadministration.tpub.com/9/900105im.jpg - dd form 1348

navyadministration.tpub.com/9/900105im.jpg – dd form 1348 | dd form 1348

****Past Achievement is decidedly added important than Price****


Link/URL: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DHS/USCG/USCGELC/HSCG40-15-Q-P30001/listing.html

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