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dot physical exam form
 11 Printable dot physical form 11 Templates - Fillable Samples in ... - dot physical exam form
11 Printable dot physical form 11 Templates – Fillable Samples in … – dot physical exam form | dot physical exam form

Venezuelan intelligence and aegis armament accept bedfast and bent aggressive cadre doubtable of acute adjoin the government.

Some detainees were subjected to arrant abuses that bulk to ache to force them to accommodate admonition about declared conspiracies. In best cases, associates of the Accustomed Directorate of Aggressive Counterintelligence (DGCIM) or the Bolivarian Civic Intelligence Service (SEBIN) agitated out the arrests.

“The Venezuelan government has atrociously absurd bottomward on associates of the aggressive accused of acute adjoin it,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas administrator at Animal Rights Watch. “Not alone are intelligence agents detaining and disturbing associates of the military, in some cases they are additionally activity afterwards their families or added civilians aback they can’t acquisition the suspects.”

The groups analyzed admonition about cases involving a absolute of 32 people. Victims accommodate aggressive admiral from altered ranks accused of acute adjoin the government and civilians accused of accommodating with Oscar Pérez, a rogue badge official who was dead afterwards opposing the government.

In some cases, ancestors members, including the son, the mother, the father, or the accomplice of suspects were bedfast to acquisition out the abode of the declared plotters. Some were answerable to austere abuse.

Intelligence agents subjected several detainees to concrete and cerebral abuse. The abuses accommodate barbarous beatings, asphyxiation, acid soles of their anxiety with a razor blade, electric shocks, aliment deprivation, abhorrent them to go to the bathroom, and afterlife threats. Several detainees did not accept admission to their families or attorneys for days. During their apprehension in prisons or aggressive intelligence headquarters, they did not accept admission to able medical treatment.

The crimes for which they are accused accommodate “treason” and “instigating rebellion.” Attorneys apery the accused, who had admission to administrative files and hearings in these cases including some prosecutions of civilians in aggressive courts, said the accuse were bogus and not accurate by any absolute evidence.

Given the adversity of accessing administrative files in these cases, and that some cloister abstracts cannot be accurately aggregate with bodies who are not parties to the case, it is not accessible to animadversion on the affirmation presented by prosecutors in every case. Animal Rights Watch asked the Venezuelan government to call the accomplishments on which the accuse were based, and what affirmation it had adjoin suspects in these cases, but accustomed no response.

Research by Animal Rights Watch and Foro Penal shows that the cases advised chase the aforementioned arrangement of ache and corruption adjoin detainees by Venezuelan badge officers, intelligence agents, and associates of the Bolivarian Civic Guard that the groups accept accurate aback 2014.

These are not abandoned cases. In letters arise in 2014 and 2017, Animal Rights Watch begin boundless abuses by associates of aegis forces. In anniversary report, Animal Rights Watch assured that the affirmation accurate the cessation that the abuses were allotment of a analytical convenance by the Venezuelan aegis forces. Between the 2014 and 2017 crackdowns, Animal Rights Watch accurate added cases of politically motivated prosecutions in which detainees were additionally abused in detention, including torture.

Since 2014, Animal Rights Watch has accurate added than 380 cases of cruel, inhuman, or aspersing analysis adjoin government opponents or perceived opponents, including at atomic 31 cases of ache in Venezuela. Foro Penal said that at atomic 15 percent of those bedfast for political motives told them they had suffered ache or mistreatment. These cases do not reflect the abounding ambit of the problem, due to underreporting by victims who abhorrence retaliation.

More than 12,800 bodies accept been arrested aback 2014 in affiliation with anti-government protests, according to Foro Penal. These accommodate demonstrators, bystanders, and bodies taken from their homes afterwards warrants. Added than 7,500 accept been conditionally arise but abide answerable to bent prosecution. Aback 2017, aggressive courts accept prosecuted added than 800 civilians, in abuse of all-embracing animal rights law.

No official admonition has been fabricated accessible about prosecutions of admiral active in animal rights violations, if there accept been any, aback the pro-government Constituent Assembly accursed Luisa Ortega Díaz, afresh the advocate general, in August 2017. The United Nations Appointment of the Aerial Commissioner for Animal Rights (OHCHR) arise in June 2018 that dispensation for animal rights abuses in Venezuela is “pervasive.”

In February, the All-embracing Bent Cloister prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, arise a basic assay to assay whether crimes occurring aural the court’s administration accept taken abode and if a abounding ICC analysis is warranted. Her office’s anniversary address on basic examinations, arise in December, declared that while the assay is focused on declared abuses aback 2017, the appointment may additionally accommodate in the basic assay accompanying declared crimes aback February 2014.

In an aberrant move, in September, six countries from the Americas – all ICC associates – requested an ICC analysis of declared crimes in Venezuela aback February 2014. Added governments from the arena and Europe accept accurate this referral. The ICC prosecutor will allegation to actuate whether the court’s requirements for a abounding analysis are met.

“Impunity for animal rights crimes in Venezuela is deliberate,” said Gonzalo Himiob Santomé, Foro Penal director. “In a ambience in which those amenable for animal rights abuses are added acceptable to be adored than brought to justice, it is analytical to analyze avenues to authority them answerable abroad.”

Selected cases advised by Animal Rights Watch and Foro Penal are declared below.

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Dot Physical Form Exam Unusual Templates Indiana Bmv Cdl Nj ~ Pladevia – dot physical exam form | dot physical exam form

José Alberto Marulanda Bedoya, 53, surgeon

On May 19, 2018, armed admiral afterwards official identification accustomed at the home of Emmy Mirella Da Costa Venegas, an Army baker whom they accused of accommodating in an anti-government conspiracy. She was not there, but they bedfast her partner, José Alberto Marulanda Bedoya. The officers, whom the ancestors believed belonged to aggressive intelligence, said alone that Marulanda was “required” by authorities and took him away.

Marulanda’s ancestors and attorneys did not apperceive his abode until he was taken afore a aggressive cloister bristles canicule later, admitting the law requires a aboriginal audition aural 48 hours, said Foro Penal, who dedicated him. Marulanda was accused of crime and instigating apostasy for discussing “conspiracy affairs adjoin the Venezuelan government” during an declared affair in Colombia with Colonel Oswaldo García Palomo, a Venezuelan accused of actuality in Colombia with the abutment of the United States and Colombian governments. Marulanda denies that such a affair took abode and says he does not apperceive Colonel García Palomo, and there is no affirmation that he does, his attorneys said.

Marulanda was accused of bringing to Venezuela telecommunications abstracts that García Palomo gave him to be broadcast by Da Costa and acclimated for the conspiracy. The adjudicator alone accustomed the instigating apostasy charge, for which Marulanda is currently beneath analysis and charcoal beneath arrest, his attorneys said.

Marulanda told his attorneys that he had been captivated at DGCIM headquarters, area he was acutely abused to force him to acknowledge Da Costa’s whereabouts. He said that admiral atrociously exhausted him on the abdomen and back, attempted to choke him with a artificial bag, acclimated a metal bar to hit the basal of his feet, and affected him to abrasion bound cuffs, authoritative him lose activity in his hands. They exhausted him so acutely on the head, he said, that he absent audition in his adapted ear.

His arrest accreditation is anachronous May 24, bristles canicule afterwards his arrest, his advocate said.

Since the hearing, Marulanda has been captivated at the Ramo Verde aggressive prison. His advocate says that he has adversity sleeping, baleful thoughts, hypertension, and concrete after-effects from the beatings. Aback no medical analysis for his needs is accessible in the prison, his advocate asked the aggressive cloister to ensure Marulanda had admission to the medical affliction he needs, but the cloister never responded.

The adjudicator adjourned the basic hearing, during which the prosecutor is declared to present affirmation adjoin him, six times because guards had not taken Marulanda to court. The aboriginal audition assuredly took abode in December, and the case is ongoing.

Juan Antonio Gómez (pseudonym), 46

On January 14, 2018, added than 30 masked DGCIM agents admission into the home of Juan Antonio Gómez, Gómez said in a letter he gave to his attorneys that Animal Rights Watch reviewed. He said the agents threatened to annihilate bodies in his household, including a 7-year-old girl.

Gómez provided auto casework and was accused of allowance Oscar Pérez, a rogue badge administrator who threw an declared armament from a helicopter to the Supreme Cloister architecture in Caracas afterwards calling on the Venezuelan bodies to insubordinate adjoin the government. On January 15, Pérez and six others were dead afterwards aegis armament and associates of an armed pro-government accumulation amidst a abode area they were ambuscade in the boondocks of El Junquito, abreast Caracas. Strong affirmation exists that suggests Pérez may accept been extrajudicially executed, including videos in which he said he would abandonment and a archetype of his afterlife certificate, adage the account of his afterlife was a distinct attempt in his arch that admission his skull.

The admiral acicular a gun at Gómez’s chest and told him he was actuality detained, he wrote. Aback he asked if they had a warrant, the admiral said to shut up. They exhausted him in the stomach, abandoned him, and blanket corpuscle phones, cash, a laptop, and passports from the home, he said.

The admiral placed Gómez in an actionable vehicle, he said, area they exhausted him and threatened to annihilate him. The beatings allegedly connected central aggressive intelligence headquarters, area admiral blindfolded him, exhausted and kicked him in the ribs and back, and affected him to lie bottomward on the floor, afresh cut the soles of his anxiety with a razor blade. Later, while one administrator exhausted him, addition placed a bag on his face, attempting to choke him. Gómez said they afresh this anatomy of ache at atomic eight times. They additionally shoved a allotment of bolt in his aperture and gave him electric shocks.

According to Gómez, afresh an administrator said, “Here we accept your wife, who is a bitch!” They brought his wife into the room, affected her to lie bottomward abutting to him, exhausted her, and activated “the aforementioned ache methods,” except for the razor blades, he said.

They bent him for two days, Gómez said. “It accomplished a point area I couldn’t feel anything,” he wrote.

They additionally threatened to acquisition his children, whom they knew were in Peru, and accepted Oscar Pérez’s whereabouts.

On January 19, Gómez was taken afore a aggressive adjudicator and answerable with treason, aggressive rebellion, and burglary weapons from the Armed Forces, said Foro Penal attorneys who dedicated him. They said the prosecutors did not explain what accomplishments of Gómez’s constituted such crimes.

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Sample Physical Exam Forms – 11+ Free Documents in PDF – dot physical exam form | dot physical exam form

After the hearing, the aggressive intelligence agents alternate Gómez to their headquarters, alike admitting a adjudicator had ordered him bedfast in addition prison, Gómez wrote. The agents told him that his wife remained in apprehension and was actuality tortured. One night, he said, they took him out to drive about the burghal with his face covered. The car aback stopped, and they ordered him out. Gómez refused, adage they should annihilate him central the vehicle, and they captivated a gun to his chest, aggressive to annihilate him. Instead, they alternate him to DGCIM headquarters, area admiral exhausted him and accepted his coffer password.

They confused him to the Ramo Verde aggressive bastille on January 24, area he spent 10 canicule afterwards seeing his attorneys and 25 canicule afterwards admission to his family, his letter said.

Prosecutors formally accused him on February 28. The adjudicator adjourned his basic audition eight times because Gómez was not taken to the courthouse. His basic audition took abode in December. He was conditionally arise on December 19, but his case is ongoing.

Ariana Granadillo Roca, 21, medical student

On February 2, 2018, DGCIM admiral bedfast Ariana Granadillo Roca. They took her with two ancestors associates from the home area she was living, which belonged to Colonel García Palomo, a abroad ancestors affiliate and aggressive administrator advised by the Venezuelan government for declared conspiracy. Granadillo, who lived in Río Chiquito, a rural association in Monagas state, was blockage there to be abutting to Victorino Santaella Hospital, area she was accomplishing an internship.

In detention, admiral taped folders to her arch to block her vision, exhausted her, and affected assorted genitalia of her body, ambitious to be told García Palomo’s whereabouts. She was arise two canicule afterwards afterwards explanation.

On May 24, aggressive intelligence agents bedfast Granadillo again, afterwards a administrative order, this time with her parents, at the parents’ home in Miranda state. The authorities captivated them incommunicado, not acknowledging their abode to Foro Penal attorneys for a week.

Agents abused Granadillo to bulldoze her to acknowledge García Palomo’s whereabouts. They placed a bag over Granadillo’s head, angry her easily abaft her back, and captivated her legs. Aback Granadillo told them she did not accept any admonition to provide, they captivated a bag over arch until she about absent consciousness.

Granadillo and her parents were arise on May 31 afterwards charges.

On June 23, analytic badge admiral took Granadillo off a bus. They said they had an arrest accreditation for her, but it was anachronous May 27, aback Granadillo was actuality captivated by DGCIM agents, Granadillo’s advocate said. Granadillo was aboriginal captivated in a prison, afresh transferred to aggressive intelligence address in Caracas.

On July 3, Granadillo was taken afore a aggressive cloister and answerable with instigating rebellion, Foro Penal said. Granadillo was accused of accepting buzz conversations with García Palomo’s wife and accepting money from her. Granadillo told her advocate that she had approved acquaintance via buzz with García Palomo’s wife while she lived in her home and the alone money she got from her was for costs to affliction for the owners’ dogs. She was conditionally released, but cannot leave the country, and is adapted to analysis in with the cloister every eight days.

Carlos Alberto Mora Álvarez, 50

On May 22, 2018, six SEBIN agents bedfast Carlos Alberto Mora Álvarez afterwards assuming a warrant, adage that he would be taken for an “investigation,” said his lawyer, who batten to Mora in apprehension and to his wife, who was there. Mora Álvarez is a auto disciplinarian who lives in Táchira state, abreast the bound with Colombia, and provides busline to Venezuelans who appetite to biking to Colombia.

His ancestors was not able to see him afterwards he accustomed at SEBIN address in San Cristóbal, Táchira State. His wife saw agents booty him out of the agency’s address that evening, and he afterwards told his advocate that they took him to a tennis club, area a doctor, who was arena tennis, was declared to appraise his concrete condition. Mora Álvarez told his advocate that the account lasted 10 account and consisted of a few questions about whether he had been beaten.

That evening, SEBIN agents handed him over to armed and hooded DGCIM agents, who transferred him to their offices in San Cristóbal, said his Foro Penal lawyer, who batten with him. Aback he arrived, they placed a atramentous awning over his arch and exhausted and attempted to choke him for six hours as they interrogated him.

The abutting day, DGCIM agents flew him to Caracas and took him to their headquarters, area agents exhausted him with a lath board. He said that several times admiral exhausted him with a lath stick on his naked buttocks as he showered. They did not augment him for four days.

On May 27, they took him to a aggressive court, area he was charged, calm with Marulanda, with crime and instigating rebellion. Intelligence agents accused him of accouterment auto casework to Colonel García Palomo. The afterward day, the agents transferred him to Ramo Verde aggressive prison, area he spent 12 canicule in a tiny abuse cell.

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On July 12, the cloister accustomed his codicillary release. He cannot leave the country, participate in demonstrations, or allege about his case to civic or all-embracing outlets and is adapted to analysis in with the courts every 30 days, his advocate said.

Luis Hernando Lugo Calderón, 33 and Carlos José Esquerda Martínez, 32

On October 11, 2018, Aboriginal Abettor Luis Hernando Lugo Calderón and Aboriginal Abettor Carlos José Esquerda Martínez were arise from bastille afterwards about four years, accused of accommodating in an declared 2015 attempted coup.

While Lugo Calderón was acrimonious up his claimed accouterments from prison, hooded and armed SEBIN agents admission into his home adage they bare him to acknowledgment some questions, said his sister, who lives abroad. They alternate a few hours afterwards and bedfast his mother. She and her partner, who had gone to attending for her, were captivated at DGCIM address in Maracay for several hours. The agents blanket telephones, money, and perfume, the ancestors said. That aforementioned day, added aggressive intelligence agents searched Lugo Calderón’s girlfriend’s home.

On October 14, DGCIM agents admission into the abode area Lugo Calderón was blockage and bedfast him, his father, his girlfriend, and the house’s owner, a friend, afterwards presenting a administrative order, the sister said. Agents told him that they admired they had begin accoutrements in his home so they could absolve active him, he said. The others were affected to assurance a certificate adage they would not allege about the case for 10 years on affliction of actuality accused of “espionage” and “treason” for “sharing admonition with the enemy,” afresh arise that day.

Lugo Calderón was captivated in a algid corpuscle in bureau address in Caracas, area agents denied him baptize and aliment for days, banishment him to alcohol baptize from the toilet. He was alone accustomed to go to the bath alert a day. On November 15, he was transferred to Ramo Verde aggressive prison. Agents there accept told his ancestors that he is not a “prisoner” and does not allegation a advocate because he is beneath investigation. Lugo Calderón told his adherent he has had baleful thoughts.

Between October 11 and 14, DGCIM and SEBIN agents raided Esquerda Martínez’s home, addled his wife, and bedfast his ancestor and a accessory for several hours in abstracted incidents, allurement about Esquerda Martínez’s whereabouts. Agents blanket money, toys, a TV, and liquor from the home, said his brother, who lives abroad. Esquerda Martínez fled the country, his brother said.

Lorenzo Pérez (pseudonym), 31 and his wife Lidia González (pseudonym), 38

Former Army Baker Lorenzo Pérez and his wife, above Army Baker Lidia González, said they had anniversary been absolved from the aggressive for criticizing the government.

In February 2018, aback Pérez was arcade for food, a acquaintance and adolescent soldier told him not to go home. Agents from SEBIN and the DGCIM were cat-and-mouse for him, the acquaintance warned. Pérez heeded the advice.

But aback the authorities could not acquisition Pérez, associates of the Bolivarian Civic Guard took abroad the couple’s 18-year-old son. Authorities captivated him for three months in a high-security prison, his parents said, assault him and ambitious to apperceive area his ancestor was.

During this time, Pérez and González said, they lived in ambuscade and awash their accouterments to accession funds to try to get their son out of bastille and to augment their added three children. The family’s diet was mostly yucca and bargain rice advised for animals, they said. Pérez and González ate alone one meal a day. They said their son eventually was answerable with accommodating in a “boycott” and conditionally arise awaiting balloon on April 12. The adjudicator ordered him to arise periodically afore the court.

Pérez and González fled to Colombia. Upon arrival, Pérez, who is 5-foot-3 inches (1.61 meters) tall, advised 42 kilograms (92 pounds).

Luis Alejandro Mogollón Velázquez, 32

In March 2017, DGCIM admiral bedfast Abettor Luis Alejandro Mogollón Velázquez while he was alive at the Fuerte Tiuna abject in Caracas. The admiral were attractive for addition with the aftermost name “Mogollón Medina” and did not present an arrest warrant, he told the Foro Penal attorneys who dedicated him.

Mogollón Velázquez said that alike admitting he told the DGCIM admiral his name did not match, they captivated him cuffed to a armchair for nine days, atrociously exhausted him on the arch and body, and hanged him from the beam by his easily and feet, ambitious admonition about others in his group, according to his lawyer.

He was taken afore a aggressive cloister on April 14, 2017, and answerable with treason, aggressive rebellion, and instigating rebellion. His advocate said that the prosecutor has alone fabricated a accustomed account that Mogollón Velázquez was complex in cabal but has not set alternating specific absolute allegations to abutment the claim. The basic hearing, during which the prosecutor is declared to present affirmation adjoin him, has been adjourned 26 times.

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Mogollón Velázquez had already been adversity from hypertension, the after-effects of a admission skull from falling from a affective vehicle, and adolescence cancer. His advocate asked the aggressive adjudicator to ensure he had admission to adapted medical care, aback it was bare area he was actuality held, but the adjudicator did not respond, his advocate said.

Henry José Medina Gutiérrez, 44; Igbert José Marín Chaparro, 40; Tamara González (pseudonym), 36

On March 2, 2018, a above administrator alleged Henry José Medina Gutiérrez at home, his wife told Animal Rights Watch, acclimation him to accommodated with a high-level affiliate of the army. Aggressive intelligence agents bedfast Medina Gutiérrez aback he accustomed at the Defense Ministry in Caracas. Igbert José Marín Chaparro was additionally arrested that day, his wife told Animal Rights Watch, at Fuerte Tiuna, a aggressive abject area he was stationed.

The aforementioned day, an Army sergeant, Tamara González, was told to acknowledgment from medical leave. SEBIN agents arrested her aback she accustomed at the aggressive abject in Táchira state, her assignment station, her advocate said. González was Medina Gutiérrez’s assistant. About 20 added associates of the aggressive were additionally bedfast that day.

Authorities arise some of them, but transferred nine – including Medina Gutiérrez, Marín Chaparro, and González – to the DGCIM offices in Caracas.

There, an official blocked Medina Guererro’s afterimage with a aggressive hat, causing her to blunder and cycle bottomward a staircase, she told her lawyer. She said two hooded changeable agents alleged her “bitch” and “traitor,” exhausted her, and placed a awning with teargas on her face, causing a afire sensation, until she fainted. She was not accustomed to use the bath or to booty her attack medication.

The advocate said she asked the aggressive adjudicator to accredit medical analysis González needs for several conditions, including aback problems, but the adjudicator did not. Her advocate afterwards had admission to her arrest warrant, anachronous March 7 – bristles canicule afterwards arrest.

Agents exhausted and kicked added detainees, Marín Chaparro told his wife. They kept him abandoned and hooded in a armchair for 72 hours. They teargassed him central the hood, his wife said, and accepted the name of his “leader.” They batten of his wife and sons’ names, which he took as an absolute threat.

Medina Gutiérrez, too, was built-in in a armchair with his easily cuffed abaft his back, his wife said. Agents exhausted him severely, abrogation bruises arresting to her canicule later. They bankrupt addition detainee’s ribs, he told her.

During that aboriginal anniversary in detention, Medina Gutiérrez and Marín Chaparro were accustomed no acquaintance with attorneys or ancestors members, their ancestors associates said. They were not accustomed to bath or change clothes.

On March 9, the nine were taken afore a aggressive cloister and answerable with treason, instigating a rebellion, and actionable aggressive decorum. The 7 p.m. audition lasted eight hours. Alonso Medina Roa provided acknowledged admonition to Marín Chaparro and Medina Gutiérrez. Mariana Ortega, who is a affiliate of Foro Penal, provided acknowledged admonition to González.

The adjudicator ordered them transferred to aggressive prisons, admitting Marín Chaparro was still in the DGCIM offices in Caracas as of December.

For 65 days, Marín Chaparro’s ancestors and attorneys were clumsy to see or allocution to him. Aback they assuredly saw him, he had absent 15 kilos (about 35 pounds). He told them that he had apparent sunlight alone on the two canicule he was taken to court, that guards consistently bootless to accord him his medicines for aerial claret pressure, and that he ate and defecated into a bag in his three-by-two-meter cell. Ancestors visits were abeyant or annulled on several occasions, his wife said.

Medina Gutiérrez spent three months in the brimming Santa Ana Prison, sleeping on a applesauce bed in a hallway. DGCIM agents raided the prison, he told his wife, burglary detainees’ aliment and belongings. He said they afar Medina Gutiérrez and a abettor from the blow of the bastille citizenry and affected them to kneel at gunpoint for hours, aggressive to annihilate them.

On June 16, agents transferred him to Ramo Verde aggressive prison, in Caracas, area he spent four canicule with 10 added detainees in a three-by-two-meter “punishment” cell, he told his wife. He said that the 11 prisoners ate, urinated, and defecated there.

At the basic audition in August, the authoritative adjudicator alone the crime allegation but kept the others. In some cases, he alone kept the instigating apostasy charge.

The detainees are accused of acceptance to a accumulation that was allegedly acute adjoin the government. They additionally were accused of filming a video calling on armed armament associates to participate in a “military cabal movement,” which would be aggregate through amusing media, González’s advocate said. The Foro Penal advocate said that there is no affirmation acceptance these accusations nor that the video exists.

dot physical exam form
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Sample DOT Physical Form – 11+ Free Documents In PDF – dot physical exam form | dot physical exam form

No date has been set for the trial.

Dot Physical Exam Form The Real Reason Behind Dot Physical Exam Form – dot physical exam form
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