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A TRANSGRESSIVE FUSION of black oil painting and agenda color-bombing slickness, of arcadian delineation and aberrant exhibitionism, Christian Rex van Minnen’s “Born Bad” awning for the additional affair of Fantagraphics Books’s Now: The New Comics Album graphically encapsulates alternation editor Eric Reynolds’s destructive yet tactically counterbalanced admission to the ability of editing. In his decades of assignment with Fantagraphics — he currently serves as the house’s accessory administrator — Reynolds has consistently brought nuance, acceptable humor, and a jailbait appearance to the books and anthologies he’s edited. For the Eros Comix porn album Dirty Belief (1997–2000), Reynolds adopted an beat appearance that was accompanying acrid and aboveboard — exploring, with a able dosage of the comical, the absorptive boundaries amid art and pornography. With his best acclaimed album series, MOME (2005–2011), Reynolds created the comics apple agnate of arcane magazines such as the Evergreen Review or Tin House, battling these arcane models in adjustment to advance the on-par ability of abreast comics. 

Despite his protestations to the contrary, it’s bright that what Reynolds does as an editor requires a abundant accord of creativity, acceptable taste, and dedication, all qualities that are already afresh on affectation in his newest beat endeavor. Launched in backward 2017, Now marks a move against a ache of capitalism that asserts that affection comics don’t accept to be unaffordable. Anniversary affair of Now is arranged with adept abbreviate belief by mainstay and arising artists alive both domestically and abroad. Yet it alone costs 10 bucks. Abounding of the belief in the alternation are as arduous and afflictive as the times in which we live. Avoiding absolute political partisanship, Reynolds instead accoutrement a attenuate subtext of coup and appraisal into his alternative of artists and stories. Neither alone a adornment of some of today’s best accomplished artists nor a bent attack at canon-making, Now ultimately aims to avoid borders rather than body walls.


COLIN BEINEKE: The explanation of Now is “The New Comics Anthology.” As you know, the byword “The New Comics” was frequently bandied about in the mid-to-late 1980s and aboriginal 1990s to call a assorted admixture of arising assignment that ultimately cohered into what has been alleged the “alternative” movement. Is your use of “new comics” meant to adjure this comparison?

ERIC REYNOLDS: You know, the absolute acknowledgment is abundant added boring. [Laughs.] Back I conceived of the title, I was actually convinced, “Oh, this is a abundant title. It has resonance, and graphically it’s nice and short.” I like actually abbreviate and befuddled titles that accommodate themselves to a lot of architecture options, which a actually continued appellation generally won’t do. So, I was actually annoyed with myself for advancing up with this abundant appellation that appreciably has not actually been acclimated by anyone else, as far as I could tell. The one affair that I did not anticipate about was: it’s absolute un-Google-able. [Laughs.] And so as anon as the aboriginal affair came out — the aboriginal affair doesn’t yet accept the explanation — I had several bodies point out to me that it was appealing fucking adamantine to chase online. Afterwards some abrupt consultations, Norton said, “Oh, aloof accord it a explanation that will advice on that front.”

Is there possibly a slight hidden admiration to Raw with the three-letter title?

Oh, I anticipate that’s true. Raw and Zap. Mad, you name it. There’s a attitude there that I’m aggravating to tap into, for sure.

What are some added anthologies that angle out to you, or that you accept taken afflatus from? I apperceive you accept been in the album bold for a continued time.

When I aboriginal started accepting into what I anticipate are acceptable comics there was Raw and Blab. I actually admired Blab back it started. In the 1990s you had Zero Zero, which was great. I’m abiding I’ll balloon a agglomeration that actually kicked my ass at the time. I admired Snake Eyes, Mark Newgarden and Glenn Head’s anthology. Added recently, apparently the aforementioned that a lot of bodies would mention: I adulation Kramers Ergot — and not aloof because we broadcast it and Sammy Harkham is a acceptable friend. I formed with him to get Fantagraphics to broadcast Kramers because I’ve been a huge fan of it from the start.

At the aforementioned time, as abundant as I adulation Kramers, Now is additionally array of a acknowledgment to it, in as abundant as I aloof appetite article that comes out consistently and that bodies can allow to buy, afterwards activity like they’re demography a big accident in accomplishing so. You brought up the economics of comics, and I actually accept that’s a absolute botheration for comics as a accepted medium: they’re way too big-ticket about to added media.

printable donation form template
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Which affair of Kramers Ergot is it that weighs 800 pounds? In agreement of affordability and admission that would actually assume to absolute who can get their easily on it.

Number 7 is the actually ample album that amount like 100 to 125 bucks. And it’s a fucking ablaze book. It’s one of my admired comics altar of the aftermost 20 years. But again, I apperceive article like that isn’t an advantage for a lot of people. I feel like it’s actually important to accumulate Now affordable for it to action in the way it’s intended.

In your addition to the alternation you allege about as abundant about economics as you do about art, abnormally in agreement of your admiration to antithesis affordability and affection for readers. What is it that you appetite readers to get for the money they absorb on Now?

Their money’s worth! That’s the simplest way to put it. Of course, I appetite them to feel challenged, and to feel like Now is accouterment a faculty of discovery, and for the assignment to appoint the clairvoyant in allusive agency above aloof authentic escapism. But at the end of the day, I appetite addition to feel like it was 10 bucks able-bodied spent. I accept a lot of comics are bought and captivated out of some faculty of beneficiary obligation or impulse. I appetite you to be attractive advanced to the abutting issue.

Given Fantagraphics’s admission to the bazaar and acceptability aural the field, back you baddest what to accommodate in issues of Now what array of albatross do you feel to your readership and to new artists? In a sense, alteration an album like Now is a gatekeeping position.

I do feel a 18-carat albatross on that front. You’re aggravating to cilia a aggravate of affection but additionally aggravating to accommodate a aperture biologic for comics admirers into added stuff. But you accept to antithesis that with the blazon of assignment that you’re running. There’s a lot of assignment that I like but I wouldn’t necessarily run in Now: a lot of added outré, avant-garde, added transgressive, added annoying actuality that I actually get off on as a fan of comics, but I wouldn’t necessarily anticipate would be the best affair to put in Now. You’re constantly, whether you appetite to accept it or not, acclimation aesthetics and accepted faculty and bazaar considerations. Not aloof because you, as a publisher, appetite to accomplish money, which is consistently true, but additionally because you appetite to be a acceptable agent for the work. 

Some publishers use the album architecture as a testing arena for new work. Is that one of the functions of Now?

No, not really. I abide that anticipation action on a brace altered levels. I appetite Now to action on its own. It’s not article that is ultimately about article else. Added to the point, I accept appealing acceptable aplomb in my tastes and feel like I assurance my instincts. I anticipate I’ve accurate myself on that front. So while I actually would achievement that several or abounding Now contributors will eventually do abandoned books with Fantagraphics, that’s alone because my aftertaste is my taste. If I like your assignment abundant to put it in Now, it stands to acumen that I like your assignment abundant to accede accomplishing a book of it as well. But by no agency do I accede the alternation a new aptitude competition. It’s not America’s Got Aptitude or The Voice. [Laughs.]

You’ve said that one of the motivations for Now was a awakening of the short-form comic, and you use the appellation “short story.” To me, a abbreviate story, in agreement of comics, seems to announce article altered than a abbreviate adventure with account to book literature. Is this article you’ve considered?

That’s a fair question, one that I don’t anticipate I put abundant anticipation into back I wrote the byword abbreviate story. I aloof meant a beneath allotment of assignment than an absolute book. I accept bodies ask me, “What’s the folio absolute for belief for Now?” And my banal acknowledgment is, “The issues are 128 pages long, so apparently it’s 128 pages.” [Laughs.] I don’t actually apprehend to anytime run annihilation alike bisected that long, but I would accede it if it was justified.

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I’m attractive for assignment that allows artists to agreement and try altered things, and not lock themselves into article for a continued aeon of time. A acceptable archetype of what I’m cerebration about would be Dan Clowes’s Eightball. Clowes did Lloyd Llewellyn for a few years — and I actually adore it and anticipate it’s acceptable assignment — but it’s not until Eightball back he stops locking himself into a accurate appearance or ambience or style, that the floodgates opened in agreement of his creativity. Article agnate could be said about David Mazzucchelli with Rubber Blanket, or Chris Ware with Acme Novelty Library. I don’t anticipate I’m actually advertence a arguable assessment here.

Your description fabricated me anticipate of Adrian Tomine’s Killing and Dying, which plays about with altered beheld styles and modes of storytelling.

I aloof adulation back you get into an artisan that you actually like and are aflame about and you don’t apperceive what you’re activity to get from them next. Look at addition like Eleanor Davis. I anticipate Eleanor’s had one of the best careers in comics of the aftermost few years, and in that faculty I’m actually blessed as a fan that she didn’t adjudge to aloof adumbrate herself abroad for three years and do a 150-page clear novel.

Let’s allocution about how you access work. Are artists sending you things that they’ve accurately crafted for Now, or do you ask them if they accept a abbreviate adventure they’ve been alive on and would like to contribute?

So, for Eleanor’s “Hurt or Fuck?” story, I anticipate she had already started alive on that, if not accomplished it, afore I alike told her about Now. I anticipate she was activity to accomplish it a mini-comic or a zine, I don’t anticipate she’d gotten that far yet, and so I aloof presented her with an advantage that appealed to her. I anticipate article agnate was the case for a lot of the aboriginal content, but as the alternation keeps growing, added and added absolute is actuality accurately created for it. An barring is some of the adopted stuff, which I’m award and advice and bringing over — it’s not actuality that was created for the magazine, for the best part.

The adopted actuality has been actually fun because it wasn’t a acquainted allotment of my mission statement, but I can see that it has become an important allotment of what the alternation does. Fantagraphics struggles with the actuality that we artlessly can’t broadcast all the acceptable all-embracing assignment that’s out there. Now allows me to dabble and broadcast things that I like afterwards the charge of accepting to construe a accomplished book, and pay a translator, and pay a letterer, or actualize a font, or accept hand-lettering done. It allows me to do a lot more, to assignment with a lot added cartoonists, which is what excites me.

Do you accommodate acknowledgment on alone belief while the artisan is still crafting them? Or do they appear to you appealing able-bodied finished?

Usually it’s appealing able-bodied finished, although there are affluence of exceptions. Some bodies ask me, “Hey, I accept this abstraction for a story, and it’s about banausic banausic blah. Does that complete like article that would fit?” That’s in the absolute basic stages, alike afore they’ve started drawing. Every already in a while, addition will accelerate me a asperous draft, either in pencil anatomy or thumbnails or something, and ask me for feedback, but I don’t go out of my way to accommodate it.

We’ve announced about how you appearance the archive of titles you’ve edited and appear with Fantagraphics as article affiliated to your own artist’s portfolio. Do you feel the aforementioned way about alteration an anthology? That it’s a artistic act that you’re adventure in putting Now together?

I don’t appetite to enlarge it, but yeah. Yeah. I’m not activity to pretend that I’m so fucking artistic in my sequencing of these added people’s art and ideas. But absolutely.

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I admiration if it’s advantageous to anticipate about anthologizing as agnate to basic a allotment of music, with anniversary adventure akin to article like a movement or choir or refrain. I assumption that’s one way of accepting to the catechism of whether there is a argumentation or artful basal how you adapt the pieces aural anniversary issue.

Yeah, I like that analogy, because I’ve played music my accomplished activity and I’ve accounting music, and my admission to autograph music has been actually that: you accept these little pieces that you accept to put calm and sometimes you don’t alike apperceive if they’re a allotment of the aforementioned song until you in the moment adjudge to try it. That’s a appealing acceptable analogy, for sure.

With anniversary affair I accept a few ballast pieces that I aloof apperceive are activity to be in there, for whatever reason. But again you accept a lot of added stuff. I consistently accept added than I can fit. I usually sit bottomward at my dining table or on the attic with anniversary adventure printed out. I put the folio calculation of anniversary adventure at the top of the aboriginal folio so I apperceive how abundant amplitude I have, and don’t accept to accumulate counting anniversary page. Again I sit bottomward like I was alive on a jigsaw puzzle, and put the pieces calm in agency that bell with me, for whatever reason. It could be based on content, it could be based on the art, it could be based on the architecture of blush against black-and-white, it could be based on the aftermost folio of one adventure riffing on the aboriginal folio of the next. It could be about a attribute or an figure that connects two pieces.

You’re aggravating to appear up with article that you feel is greater than the sum of its parts. That actually is the fun part, and in my acquaintance it about consistently happens. You acquisition these things that you couldn’t possibly apperceive were activity to appear until you sit bottomward to do it.

Could you accord an archetype or two of moments back article has clicked abnormally able-bodied for you in the action of sequencing and organizing?

Sometimes it’s article as simple as a bit of affiliation tissue: I like how the birds in Anuj Shrestha’s allotment in #2 advance into James Turek’s “Saved” appellation page, with a bird on the advance as if it had aloof aureate over from the aftermost folio of Anuj’s piece. But added times it’s added of a feeling. I feel a affiliation cilia bond all the pieces in #1. They’re all speaking to the way we cross our interpersonal relationships, alike admitting anniversary one approaches things in their own way.

One of the things I apprehension beyond issues of Now is a blazon of analysis with accent balloons that draws the reader’s absorption to their attendance and function. I am cerebration in accurate of Dash Shaw’s “Crowd Chatter” (Now #3) and Conxita Herrero’s “Hot Heavy Days” (Now #2). Are you fatigued to comics that actually comedy with the conventions of the form?

You know, it’s funny. I don’t anticipate so? I don’t accede myself a super-formalist in that way. Those affectionate of academic techniques in and of themselves don’t necessarily accelerate me that much. Dash’s academic analysis is, I think, consistently exciting, but it’s because he’s a actually acceptable writer. He consistently uses such techniques to add some array of arcane subtext to the assignment that a added aboveboard admission wouldn’t be able to achieve. But I don’t actually anticipate of academic approaches back I am accomplishing the sequencing or organizing. It’s added thematic, added subjective, and apparently added idiosyncratic.

Let’s allocution about contemporary considerations. In Now #3 there are a cardinal of stories, I’m cerebration of Roberta Scomparsa’s “The Jellyfish” and Eleanor Davis’s “March of the Penguins” in particular, that abode forms of female we don’t actually see represented in comics that often. In Scomparsa’s it’s the female of children, and in Davis’s it’s a specific, appropriate fetish. Was that planned?

I didn’t advisedly seek it out, but back you sit bottomward and apprehend the stories, yes, the affiliation is actually there. I gravitated to both of those belief because they aloof acquainted urgent, and like they had to be in that issue. I anticipate that’s area some of the awe-inspiring subjective-ness and idiosyncratic-ness of this comes in. But it’s adamantine for me alike to articulate, because a lot of it actually aloof occurs aimlessly in the moment.

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I started extensive out to bodies for the aboriginal affair during the 2016 election, and the absolute borderline for the aboriginal affair was afterwards the inauguration. We were still aloof so shell-shocked from Trump actuality adopted and active in this beat accompaniment of “What the fuck aloof happened?” and absent to do something. I don’t like actually academic art, but alike if aloof aback the acclamation actually fed the way I approached that aboriginal issue. I can see it added acutely now, but in some agency alike then. I aloof acquainted the charge to do something, and Now acquainted like a way for me to accord a belvedere to some choir that contrarily weren’t actuality heard. That sounds a little added aerial than it was anytime carefully advised to be. I aloof beggarly that I was activity article and it afflicted the way that I approached that affair in agency that I can see retrospectively.

Part of it is a assertive animation in that issue. Again, I never discussed this with the authors. It was added aloof me seeing what I had and what pushed the appropriate buttons for me. Eleanor’s adventure in that aboriginal affair actually resonated acerb with me and acquainted like a absolute burning voice.

Do you anticipate the admittance of so abounding all-embracing artists ability additionally be a political act on your part, accustomed the accepted administration’s beneath than arch administration of adopted affairs, and accent on division?

Not consciously, but yes, I anticipate that charge be actually accurate on some level. I appetite to appearance Americans what the all-embracing comics arena has to offer, but I additionally appetite to appearance the blow of the apple that Donald Trump is not my America.

Excuse the clichéd question, but what are some things that we can apprehend to see in approaching issues of Now?

Well, this ability complete affectionate of coy, but I anticipate I’m as absorbed in award out as you are. I actually don’t plan too far ahead. I allocution to cartoonists and ask them to contribute, but I don’t actually advance them to hit a accurate deadline. I actually like them to assignment at their own pace. I’m generally active belief in an affair that I haven’t apprehend until a anniversary or two afore we go to press. Some of them I’ve been sitting on for six months. But that’s actually an inherent allotment of the amusement of accomplishing this for me. For me to be able to do this on top of aggregate abroad I already do, it’s actually important for me to be able to be a little adjustable and do it on the fly and be a little loosey-goosey with it. It keeps it fun and fresh, but it’s additionally affectionate of applied because there’s a acumen that there’s not a lot of beat agreeable in the magazine. One, because I don’t anticipate it actually needs it — the belief should be able to allege on their own terms. But additionally because it’s aloof easier for me. We accept a appealing solid template, so I can aloof focus on accepting the comics calm and don’t accept to absorb a lot of time on added stuff. Contrarily it ability become a burden, it ability not be acceptable for me.

It won’t be as abundant fun anymore.

Yeah, that’s actually a allotment of it. I’m accepting a lot of fun with it and I appetite it to break that way.


Feature angel by Whit Spurgeon.

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Colin Beineke is a assistant of English at the Savannah College of Art and Design, area he teaches courses in the advanced arts and consecutive arts programs.

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